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Got a challenge with a campaign, need to come up with ideas that aren’t covered in PR-ology yet or maybe you just struggle with one part of what you have to do. Tell us about it in the form on this page.

After you have asked a question we’ll go through all the notes we have from past episodes of The Public Relations Podcast first, we’ll then combine those with our own experience and reach out to our own contacts for ideas. Then we’ll then turn this into a new guide on PR-ology for everyone.

We can’t guareentee when it will appear but it gain priority over every other guide currently being made.

We will never give away any details that could identify you unless you say we should to help others. We’ll assume it’s all private.

Feel free to ask your question in confidence.

  • How to get noticed at events
  • How to tell if an organisation should make a podcast
  • How can you reach people beyond the people who normally consume your message