The best way to see what it does is to try it out.

HOW DOES IT WORK helps comms pros achieve more.

Every day we provide a short "experience" that takes 3-6 minutes to complete.

Most people login when they wake up, get on the train or over coffee.

The experience includes a daily, member-only video packed with ideas and inspiration, 24 hour challenges that remind us to do the things we often forget that make a difference in comms, real time scenarios where we vote on tricky situations to practise things before they happen and more.

OH, and let's not forget the messenger area where you can reach out to the team, made up of ex-journalists and comms people, to discuss ideas. runs Monday to Thursday every week (except holidays). It's like a real time PR friend in your pocket.

Is there a time commitment?

Can you find 3-6 mins a day (M-T)? Then you are good to go.

What about AI? Can't I get all this from AI?

Nope, and there is a good reason for this. is about the conversations comms pros have away from public eyes today. AI bots will always be behind the times due to the way the have to scrape the public internet for source material. The problem with the internet is it only contains what people are happy to share publicly. Plus AI doesn't understand the mindset of comms. It can make great lists of techniques that a perfect PR could do, but we're human and that means, we're not perfect. PRBreak is about results not what we'd like to be true.

Who is aimed at?

Anyone but you might find it easier if you have a good few months of experience to get up to speed first in the industry as we don't cover PR 101 but what to do next.

The real time scenarios we run are based on real-world situations that actually happened but we blend them and avoid real names. Every technique we discuss has been applied in real world.

Is this some sort of public or private community?

So let's go into a little more detail. is what we describe as a curated private members' site. What that means is that we don't have an open public forum but instead we gather ideas from members and then curate/edit/summarise them before sharing anything. This ensures everyone remains private. Comms, as we know, can be a sensitive place and there's no point if we can't be frank about things.

Is this different to a "mastermind" group?

Yes. We love mastermind groups but the difference here is you gathering ideas from many other people. There will never be quite the same sense of connection but we hope that is countered by the sheer amount of experience you can tap into.

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